Melissa Neyfeldt - TMS Coordinator

Melissa Neyfeldt

Background and Credentials

Hi, My name is Melissa and I'm the TMS Coordinator at Ascend TMS. I am also a Certified NeuroStar Treater.

I attended Oakton Community College to complete my medical courses. I also attended St. Petersburg college to take courses to become an occupational therapist. I instead, decided to change career paths and began a job as a Public Housing Manager for seniors and people with disabilities. I became very passionate about caring and helping those in need and continued in that role for 22 years.

I am now so happy and feel so grateful to be working at Ascend TMS. I get much fulfillment from helping those who are suffering with depression. I have seen amazing and positive results in the patients who have received NeuroStar treatments. I have now made it my goal to help every person that walks in the door. I always look forward to meeting new patients and being a part of their journey to relief from depression.