Dr. Madiha Shabbir

Dr. Madiha Shabbir Best Psychiatrist in Willowbrook, IL 60527

Background and Credentials

I graduated medical school in 2009 and finished my residency training in Psychiatry from Rosalind Franklin School of Medicine. My program allowed me comprehensive training at a Federal/VA hospital, a State facility, as well several community based mental health clinics.

Over the years I have received many awards and have sought leadership positions where I had better opportunity to create change and find solutions. I was chief resident for my psychiatry residency. I received the Outstanding Educator Award for excellence in clinical teaching. I went on to becoming a Medical Director for Consult-Liaison services at a large tertiary hospital.

I also served as a clinical instructor for psychiatry residents and medical students, thoroughly enjoying helping shape and fulfilling the curiosity of young minds. I have years of experience in the practice of inpatient, outpatient and consult-liaison psychiatry.

Why TMS:

When I was first introduced to NeuroStar TMS, it gave me hope that I could offer an alternative, one that is markedly more effective than some of our conventional treatments. I can only imagine the hope it gives my patients, the ones who don’t tolerate medications, the ones that are not fully helped by medications or the ones who simply want to try a different approach for their treatment.

My unique training and clinical experience has deepened my appreciation that no two individuals suffer alike and hence their treatment plan should not look alike either.

I am particularly passionate about offering NeuroStar TMS services to our community as it offers a more effective, alternative approach to conventional treatments. I am amazed by the results every day, and just want people to know there is hope even when they feel very little of it.

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